Post 16 Planning Meetings

What to expect in your 1-1 Post-16 Planning Meeting:

The post-16 planning meetings are a great opportunity for you to talk about the different choices and places of study available to you after Year 11.

If you're not sure what to expect, you might find this video quite useful.

What will we be discussing?

  1. The types of learning available to you after Year 11 (e.g. A levels, BTECs, T Levels, Traineeships, Apprenticeships)

  2. The places of learning available to you (including 6th form colleges, technical colleges, apprenticeship providers, workplaces)

  3. The subjects / career pathways you might like to study

Who will you be meeting with?

You will be speaking with a fully qualified and impartial Careers Advisor. If you are more comfortable bringing another adult with you, that's fine - just let us know so we can arrange this for you. The Careers Advisor might be Mrs Murchie (who works within the schools, and does the assemblies, post-16 evenings, etc.), or it might be one of the advisors we bring in from outside school to help take the meetings.

Where will the meeting take place?

At Bay House, we will be in R27 (opposite the Medical Room). At Brune Park, we will be in the Careers Office between TS12 and TS13, opposite the entrance to the dance studio. If you arrive a little early and we are still with someone else, please knock and let us know you are there.

How long will the meeting last?

It will usually take 30-40 minutes.

Is there anything I need to prepare?

It's good to have a list of questions ready, but it's not necessary. And don't worry if you are shy or anxious, we won't put you on the spot. It's a very informal chat, and usually a lot of fun! We will send you notes afterwards with details of what we discussed, and include lots of useful links.

How will I find out about the meeting?

You will receive an email home the week before. We will put a reminder on the Tutor Bulletin the day before, and we will also give you a slip on the day to remind you.

What happens if I forget to come along?

Don't worry. It might be difficult to reschedule you quickly, but we'll do our best. Please let us know if you need to reschedule - feel free to knock on the Careers Room door, or email us on

Brune Park Careers Office

Bay House Careers Office