World of Work

Career Pilot

The official GFMAT careers platform, CareerPilot should always be your first port of call, with a wealth of careers information, videos, links and resources.

NCS is an excellent government resource for exploring a wide range of career pathways, including local jobs market information.

Prospects is a well trusted resource for graduate careers information - it's well worth taking the quizzes on the home page to start you off!

If you have no clue whatsoever what you want to do in life, this fun visual quiz will generate a careers cloud of suggestions to get you started!

Interested in a STEM career, but need some guidance? This site can help!

I-could is a great website for exploring different careers, including the fun Buzz Quiz.

Local labour market information

When exploring a particular career choice, it can be very useful to find out more about opportunities in the local area and identify trends. Hampshire Careers Partnership have put together a Career Coach tool to help find this Local Labour Market Information.