World of work online links

Here is a selection of online resources from companies and organisation which offer ‘real life’ opportunities to explore the world of work and the skills you’ll need in the workplace

Virtual work experience - longer (we reckon about 6 hours each) simulated work experience. You don’t have to do it all in one go so if you’re interested plan some time over a few days and get stuck in!

Barclays Lifeskills Freeformer - a great ‘live’ video introduction to a digital agency. Walk your way through a day’s work experience in real time.

Brighton & Sussex Medical School - if you’re seriously interested in a degree in medicine this is a comprehensive exploration of the different roles that a doctor may take by working through patient case studies. It has been designed to prepare students for the work experience that is necessary before application, really helpful groundwork prior to sixth form

Halliday Fraser Munro - tasks in architecture and building design

Application and employability skills

PWC - this accountancy firm has a great section on their site dealing with all things recruitment, including how to handle assessment days and doing online interviews. Good general help, even if you don’t want to work for them

Employability Hub

Accenture - major consultancy firm provides really useful set of exercises around digital and social media skills which are becoming essential in today’s workplace


WOW videos - two lively half hour videos on careers in health and construction

And don’t forget BBC Bitesize - their careers section is packed with info to explore - Stacey Dooley's series on careers for 16-18 year olds